Benny Thomasson and Doc Hamilton - A Home Recording


I'm back to blogging and bringing you fellow fiddle geeks some quality content after a busy, music filled month.  The Bethel Youth Fiddle Camp was a huge success this year!  Thanks to each and everyone of you who shared, helped publicize, and generously donated to the scholarship.  I'm working on a special post including some great content from our week in Bethel, so stay tuned for that.

This post features an amazing, (and from what I've gathered from friends) rare home recording of Benny Thomasson backed by Doc Hamilton on banjo.  I'm really unsure of where this recording came from and how this wound up in my boxes of old CD's and cassettes titled just, "Benny, Doc".

Regardless of how this recording came about and wound up in middle of nowhere Missouri,(the very questionable amount of reverb they used), this is a fantastic session.  I'm not a historian of Texas fiddlers but I've listened to Benny Thomasson since I started playing thirty some years ago.  I know I've worn out a couple copies of, "A Jam Session with Benny and Jerry Thomasson" over the years.  I know I'm not the only one...

With each post I'm learning a little more thanks to your feedback.  I've started creating a folder that includes a compressed .zip file (one click and the entire album downloads!) and also a separate folder that has the audio files so that you're able to listen online or download each track individually.  Doing my best to make this as accessible to everyone as possible!  I'm always open for suggestions on how to improve things here so please let me know!

Click here to download "Benny Thomasson and Doc Hamilton".

I really appreciate everyone that follows this blog and supports my efforts here. There's a lot of hours after work, weekends, and a bit of money that goes into this blog and storage. I always enjoy getting feedback, stories, and whatever so please leave a comment or email me at - 


  1. I think the unknown track 8 is Hummingbird Reel. Thanks for posting!


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