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"Norma Lou's Waltz" - New Album from John P. Williams and Kenny Applebee

  Very happy to finally have this out for everyone to hear!  My interest in home recording all started out with the hope to eventually do an album with my longtime friend, co-conspirator, and legendary backup guitarist, Kenny Applebee.  I'm not certain when I started collecting equipment, Recording for Dummies  books, and the impossible amount of cables needed but I finally decided I was ready enough to finally do it. This isn't a perfect, studio polished album.  That's not me and Kenny.  This is just me and my friend of over 30 years playing some of our favorites tunes on a couple weekend afternoons.  Over an hours worth !  We hope you all enjoy it just as much as the two of us did recording it. Norma Lou's Waltz by John P. Williams and Kenny Applebee - Album notes - “ I’m going to Kenny’s to play tunes this weekend.” That’s a phrase my wife, Jullia, has heard countless times.   I first met my good friend, Kenny Applebee in June of 1990 at my first fiddle contest in Be

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