"the apprentice" - violin package from Broken Bow Fiddle Co.

I'm excited announce that my little adventure, Broken Bow Fiddle Co., is now offering a limited number of complete violin packages.  The first model that I want to highlight is, "the apprentice".  These are all hand-made instruments, built from aged tone woods, set up with custom fitted bridges, Prim steel-core strings, a custom "Broken Bow Fiddle Co." carbon composite bow, a lightweight suspension case, cake of rosin, and a cleaning cloth.  Everything you'll need to get started playing the day it arrives.

I played one of these for part of my week while teaching at the Bethel Youth Fiddle Camp last month. It got passed around between several of us fiddlers during that time and we all agreed that it's silly how great this thing plays and sounds for such a low price point.  

Here's a video of me fumbling through a few tunes on it this afternoon.  
This thing sounds and plays GREATthough!

and here are all of the pretty pictures!

I'm excited to be able to offer affordable, NEW fiddle packages in addition to my "dusty and unique" variety.  $450 (plus shipping if applicable) gets you a head start and a great new fiddle package.  Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned player and looking for a backup instrument these are too good to pass on.

I've bragged on the fiddle, but these bows are dang good!  If you're interested, I have a small number available for $75 apiece (plus shipping if you're not local).

You can email me BrokenBowFiddleCo@Gmail.com for more information!


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