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Lonnie Robertson - "Country Fiddling"

Photo Credit - Ellen Gomez Spring ( and winter every other week ) has sprung here at the farm and even though the days are getting longer my free hours after work sure haven't gotten any longer!  As promised though with all of the generous donations towards our scholarship fund I'm keeping my end of the deal up for you all.  I've got a really special album for today and I am one LP closer to completing my collection of Lonnie's commercial recordings thanks to a very dear friend. Several of my posts here on the site have been about Lonnie Robertson.  Even though I grew up in Missouri and have been immersed in fiddle music for over three decades I had never been properly introduced to his music.  One attentive listen to one of his albums a few years ago and I have been obsessed to learn as much as I can and to learn as many tunes of his that are within my skill level.   As I've said in previous posts here about Lonnie, I'm not a writer, I'm a poor historian, a

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