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Cope Ashlock Invitational Fiddle Contest - Columbia, Missouri (1989)

Happy New Year everyone!   2022 is off to a bitterly cold start here in mid-Missouri and what better way to spend it than digging through old recordings in between feeding the wood stove?!  I found two cassettes today that my long time friend and mentor, Bud Wyatt (a fine fiddler and guitar player from Centralia, Missouri), had copied for me back when I was just a teenager running around contests and jam sessions in the 1990's with his grandson, Matt .   The original recordings were done by Bud at his home over his FM radio, dubbed, and then listened to at least a few hundred times.  The audio quality isn't the greatest I've shared on here, there's a few moments missing, but the quality of fiddling presented here that's closing out this era of 1980's in Missouri is definitely here! Below I'm including notes that Dr. Howard Marshall shared with me about his experiences helping with the production that day.  Don't forget that our friend, Dr. Marshall, is

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