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Garland Gainer - New Mexico Fiddling

About this time last year my friend, Howard Rains sent me this recording of Mr. Gainer.  At that time he was an unknown fiddler to me.  And to be honest, he still is.  After trying to learn as much as I could about him, spending an unhealthy amount of time researching online, asking questions on forums, sending emails, I'm still empty handed and looking for information. What I do know  is that this recording upended my summer and " knocked my hat in to the creek " as they say. I wish I could give you more details about who's playing backup ( maybe Betty Solomon on piano?? ), the LP cover and accompanying album notes but I can't.  Yet anyways !  I've searched obsessively for a physical copy of this LP and have came up with bupkis.  With that being said, if you have a copy and you're willing to part with it please let me know! Here's one of the few things I found online during my search.  A picture of Garland Gainer performing in 1973 at the "2nd A

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