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"J.T." - Perkins-Style Fiddling

  " I feel honored in being asked to write some lines about my good friend, J.T. Perkins.  Our acquaintance is comparatively short, but during these few years I have grown to admire this quiet man from Arab, Alabama.  His dedication to his fiddle music has helped him emerge as one of the best fiddlers in the USA. I first met J.T. in 1970, a very casual meeting at Renfro Valley, the day following his first contest win there.   In Fact I did not hear him play as he was preparing to leave for home and I had just gotten there and was backstage following a Roy Acuff show in the old barn.  Several months later Dr. Perry Harris and I were in Athens, Alabama attending the TVOTFA Convention and while walking through the parking area Doc's ears perked up and he said "I hear someone playing a Howdy tune."  We found J.T. a few pickup trucks away doing a dandy job on "Rutlands Reel."  (He got around to playing another appropriate tune before we parted, "Doc Harris

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