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Midwest to the Blue Ridge - "Mini Tour"

  The main intent of this blog has always been to help preserve rare, seldom heard field recordings and LP's, promote my friends new albums, and occasionally try to sell an instrument or two.  I haven't ever taken the opportunity to " toot my own horn " on my own website.  Well, here we go.  If you don't already know me and my passion for Missouri fiddling and old-time music in general, please check out an interview my friend, Rachel Krause, did a few years ago.  "Breathing new life into Missouri Fiddling" . What started out as just a joking text exchange between friends at the end of June quickly developed into a whirlwind trip halfway across the country in mid-July. My friend Josh Johnson and I connected about eight years ago through the Missouri State Old-Time Fiddler's Association group on Facebook. With a shared interest in the rich history of Missouri fiddling, old field recordings, LPs, and dabbling in home recording we became fast friends.

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