Old-Time Fiddle Contest at the Smithsonian


Another great find in Kenny Applebee's impressive collection of home recordings!  

Thirty summers ago the Smithsonian, in part with their Festival of American Folklife invited some of the Midwest's best fiddlers to Washington, D.C. to hold an old-time fiddle contest.  Amos Chase, Dwight Lamb, Tom Weisgerber, Pete McMahan, Kenny Sidle, Lynn "Chirps" Smith, Michele Blizzard, Kenny Applebee, and Charlie Walden were all among the invitees for this demonstration of a Midwest contest.  This was a "mock" contest intended to demonstrate how a contest would go in Missouri.

This has been digitized from a cassette that Kenny made during the contest performance.  I've adjusted the EQ a bit and brought the levels up a tick to loudness standards.     

Click the album cover above for the download.
80 minutes of amazing fiddling from the greats!

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