First post!

I created this blog probably ten years ago in hopes of sharing my love of old-time fiddling, rare recordings, photos of Missouri fiddling events (past & present), possibly hocking a few fiddling related items and maybe even uploading some of my own music.

I might be setting the bar high here with this first post.  I've started collecting record albums the last few years, specifically fiddling records. Just like every other hobby I have, it's weird and it's expensive.

My latest addition is, "Lonnie and Thelma's Home Folks Get Together" (CLP-211) released on Lonnie Roberson's own Caney Mountain label in 1977.  This is a much different recording than his well known fiddling albums.  I'm doubtful I'm breaking any copyright laws by doing this, and if I am please forgive my ignorance, this is all for the love of good music.

Click here and it should take you to Google Drive to download it in its entirety.

Thanks for playing along and hope to make this a semi-regular thing!

John P. Williams


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