Pete McMahan & Kenny Applebee live at KOPN studios - May 11th, 1992


My good friend, Kenny Applebee has been collecting fiddle recordings for over 40 years and every now and then he'll let me check a few out from the archives.  I came across a faded label that caught my eye yesterday, "KOPN - Ken Pete May 1992."  I know KOPN (our local public access radio station located in Columbia, Missouri) has long been a supporter of traditional arts and fiddle music.  I thought I had heard of most of the live concerts and fiddle contests that they had broadcast over the years but didn't know about this particular interview and concert.  I asked for a little back story from Kenny and all I got was, "yeah, guess we did do a show over there.  That was about a year after Pete and I played at the Smithsonian.  Did I tell you about getting to play for Dan Quayle there?"   Wait, what?!?

I digitized this 28 year old cassette over to MP3 to share with everyone.  Pete and Kenny played together for years and this is one of the best sessions I've heard from them, the conversation between tunes is just a bonus.  

The show was hosted by Pippa Letsky during her first years of volunteering at KOPN.  Pippa has been involved in the mid-Missouri music scene for as long as I can remember and a treasured member of our fiddling community.

Download the 60 minute show by clicking the hyperlink.
Pete McMahan & Kenny Applevee live at KOPN - May 11th, 1992.

Local, public access radio stations are so very important not only because they showcase local musicians and traditional arts but they provide their listening area with real local news about real local issues.  Support them however you can!  You can find more information about KOPN 89.5FM (Columbia, Missouri) by going to

Hope y'all enjoy this special recording and I'm always looking for feedback for how to improve things here. 

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