New Album! Aaron Albrecht and the Down State Ramblers!

Honorary Missouri fiddler and fellow music history geek, Aaron Albrecht has just released his first album titled after his band, "The Down State Ramblers."

Recorded in his living this room this summer with his buddies providing backup.  You're listening to an authentic old-time fiddle jam session style recording and not just another overly polished, reverb saturated fiddle album.  While there's only 10 tunes included on the album, running time is right around 40 minutes with no track less than 3 minutes.  Quality over quantity.  

There's some great renditions of Midwest standards on here, "Grey Eagle" being one.  A mellow tempo, smooth bowing and some really catchy variations.  My favorite tracks on the album though are the "Pop" tunes mixed in.  Aaron's version of, "I Don't Love Nobody" is top notch and the subtle variations keep it interesting for the three and a half minute runtime.

Here's, "Santa Clause" from The Down State Ramblers.

If you head over to Aaron's Bandcamp you can pick yourself up a digital copy for only $7 (with the option to pay more if you're able).  

If you're wanting a physical copy and you're in the Illinois or Missouri old-time community you can probably pick one up from him at a jam session, dance, or concert.  You could also probably email him for more information if you're wanting a CD.

Go throw a few dollars Aaron's way and maybe we'll get a follow up album in the next few years.


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